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Nickel Battery Tabs

Hefei Miniconductor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a reliable provider of Nickel Battery Tabs. These battery tabs are useful for battery pack welding. These are provided in two sizes. Nickel alloy 201 is used as a nickel tab material, which is a wrought commercially pure Nickel with 0.02% as maximum cabon level and ferromagnetic. The reason behind using this alloy is the ductile properties across different temperature ranges. It shows high resistance against corrosion in neutral to moderately reducing environments. As compared to SS, low alloy steel or nickel-base alloy, it has higher thermal and electrical conductivity. The low carbon content of the material makes it ideal for service above 600°F (316°C). The range of Nickel Battery Tabs our company can make available are Lithium Battery Nickel Tabs, L Shape Nickel Plated Steel Battery Tabs, Cylindrical Nickel Plate Battery Tabs, 26mm Nickel 26650 Battery Solder Tabs and more. Our company can be your trusted source for 0.2mm Nickel Battery Tabs, 0.15mm Pure Nickel Battery Tabs With Spot Welding and other nickel battery tabs. This range is recommended for several applications.
Low Electric Resistance Nickel Tabs
Low Electric Resistance Nickel Tabs
his product is mainly used in manufacturing nickel-cadmium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, lithium cell, assembled battery, as well as industries of electric tool and special lights.